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May 05, 2006



Now when I say "check me out" I mean it literally.

(That's a double word pun for 50,000 points!)

John Buckman

Just a followup note, that more than 1/2 our catalog at the Boston Public Library is out on loan, which is great, because they do watch that and if there is a backlog of requestors for the music, they do buy additional copies.


I've got a Google alert for my CD titles and I've been receiving lots of hits from these libraries so I KNOW this was one great idea. Lovin' it.

Ryan Sawhill

this is just great John. awesomeness.

totally inappropriate use of public forum: Falik, I love your music!!


I have a slight propensity for hijacking threads, so I will not respond by saying "Thanks!"

(The author of this posting has just been sacked.)

Ryan Sawhill

Welllll I've already offended, so oh well..can't hurt to keep going.

Falik! I JUST listened to your latest album for the first time today [and then bought]. WOW. I'm sooooo diggin' it. Awesome awesome! I love it! :-D

Jorge Cortell

My respects to you. Intelligent vision. Fair business. Thank you and the best of luck.

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