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December 31, 2006


Nathan Jones

A mailout is a good idea, but it's not for everybody. I can't find an RSS/Atom feed for new releases - is there one? I haven't bought anything from Magnatune for a while, largely because nothing has shown up in my feed reader to prompt me to visit.


Nice ... how about an RSS feed?

John Buckman of Magnatune


Your wish is my command.

You'll now find an (RSS) link on the page at http://magnatune.com/today/ with a daily updated RSS feed.

Nathan Jones

Hi John,

Thanks for adding the song of the day RSS feed, although that's not quite what I was looking for (yes, I know I'm demanding...).

Is it possible to have one for the new music newsletter as well? With a link from http://magnatune.com/artists/new? Even better would be a [link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" href="http://..."] so that the browser knows there is an RSS version of the page and can display a feed icon. Another option would be to blog about new releases yourself or start a separate blog for your staff to post to.

I started out listening to CC:365, a blog with a daily CC-licenced song, but ended up not bothering. But I'd still love to find out when Magnatune releases a new album. No daily involvement, but an occasional message about a new album so that I can listen to several tracks of something that I know is new, with the option to buy the album if those tracks grab my attention.



Hi, John--

I think the idea for a Song of the Day is great, but there's a problem. The /today/download/ link in my e-mail has sent me the same song every day since last Saturday. I now have six copies of Jeni Melia singing "Come away come sweet love" by John Dowland, and -- while she does have a lovely soprano -- it would have been nice to hear Spinecar, Craig and Westine, Zucker, Wray, Juergensen, and Paternoster too.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a glitch in the system?



John Buckman of Magnatune

"/today/download/ link in my e-mail has sent me the same song every day since last Saturday"

I can't recreate this problem. I just clicked on the download link today, and got the right mp3 from the download.

Can you try with a different web browser? I suspect the web browser is caching the download.



Hi, John--

That did it. I normally use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer (because of the evil/not evil principle, which I'm sure you understand). (8^)

I visited the */today/download/ URL a minute ago with IE, and it downloaded the song "Hands of God" by Pain Factor. I flushed the cache on Firefox and tried it with Firefox -- voila, "Hands of God". Smart thinking, John.



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