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December 30, 2006


Daniel Burrows

I think this is a great idea -- but you might want to put it in a more prominent place (front page would be ideal). It's, um, not very easy to figure out that you have to start buying an arbitrary song in order to get a gift card. I wouldn't have found the feature, except that I vaguely recalled that you had a gift card feature on the site, so I asked the all-knowing Google and ended up here.

Nathan Jones

Will there ever be an option to buy an album for someone? (ie. a gift certificate that can be used for a single album, not for $x.)

John Buckman of Magnatune

"Will there ever be an option to buy an album for someone? "

You can currently buy an album for someone, just fill in their email address and/or postal address into the purchase page.

However, I am planning a "give" button on the site, so you can give CDs/downloads to someone else, but you'll be choosing the music.

As to gift certificates for a set amount of money, I don't know yet if I'll be adding that.


Nathan Jones

I realise that I can buy an album for someone, but then they don't get to choose the music.

"As to gift certificates for a set amount of money, I don't know yet if I'll be adding that."

Argh! My head hurts! What does that mean? Currently, if I want to give someone a gift card, I pay $x ("a set amount of money", chosen by me) and the recipient can use it.

But the recipient will still have to think in dollar terms and will still have to choose how much to spend on each album. To my mind, that makes the experience less appealing than if I was to:

1. Give Magnatune $8 (or whatever amount) for a "one album gift card".
2. Tell someone "hey, I bought you some music and you get to choose".

OTOH, gift certificates anywhere else will use a dollar amount too, as various items have different costs. So, it's no big deal.

BTW, have you read Jakob Nielsen's latest Alertbox (usability newsletter)?

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