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February 11, 2007



It would be great if you could even go one step further and fill in all the tracks' details in the corresponding tags (i.e. title, duration, album, creator). The difference e.g. in Amarok would be between http://ewsoftware.de/temp/xpf1.png (this is how XSPF and m3u files look like in Amarok; meta information is filled in only when tracks are played) and http://ewsoftware.de/temp/xpf2.png (this is how an adapted XSPF file would present itself in Amarok).


Unfortunately, the XSPF links provided on album pages don't work for me. As the files themselves are correct, the most likely cause is that they are delivered bearing a wrong mime type text/plain; it should be application/xspf+xml, as is explained in http://www.xspf.org/quickstart/:

"The MIME type for XSPF documents is application/xspf+xml. It is NOT text/plain, audio/xspf, or text/xml. THIS IS IMPORTANT."

I'd appreciate greatly if open standards support on Magnatune could be pushed this little yet decisive step further.

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