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April 20, 2007


JP Renaud

I have just tried the Amarok support to purchase an album and it is indeed excellent. I did not try earlier as I was worried I could not choose which file format to get, I thought it that would download in MP3 and I use Ogg Vorbis. But you can choose the format, where to download *after* paying and the artwork is automatically downloaded too. May I suggest you ask the Amarok developers to say precisely that choosing the format is done after paying?

David Brown

Um, don't you mean $1000 for Amarok, $4500 for Magnatune, and $5500 for the artists whose works are sold? Or something like that...

John Buckman

"Um, don't you mean $1000 for Amarok, $4500 for Magnatune, and $5500 for the artists whose works are sold?"

The Amarok 10% referral fee comes off the top, so on $3198 of sales (gross sales after visa fees) Amarok gets $320, and then Magnatune and the artist split 50/50 what's left (50% each of $2,880)


Eager to see how sales via Rhythmbox compare (Magnatune integration is much more recent AFAIK, though is shipping with Ubuntu 7.04).

Al Arduengo

I just discovered the Rhythmbox integration and was very excited! I did not like to have to use Amarok necessarily. The only negative thing is that it is too easy for me to buy music now. :-P


Daniel Cohen

I actually used rhythmbox to do this, but hey, it's still awesome :D

Also, thankyou for letting .ogg be a downloadable format!

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