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November 05, 2009


Lee Daniel Crocker

So when's the Android app coming?

Thomas of mystified

Most excellent!


Thank you!!!!
I've been wishing I could listen to your albums on my iPod touch and Voila! I just read your email and instantly downloaded the app. I'm a happy listener.


Brilliant stuff, I'm glad to see Magnaute made even more accessable, and a well designed app too!

John Michael Zorko

I'm close to finishing the next version of the Magnatune iPhone app. I've added the following features:

1. indexed artist and album lists, so you don't have to scroll all the way through the list to get to the Zs, for instance -- you can just tap the "Z" in the index that appears down the right side of the list

2. background thread to load the album art

3. ability to play AAC streams, which means a much higher audio quality with fewer dropouts on 3G

Hardy 'Knuddelbacke'

A really big app - thank you so much!

One question: What's the deal with Apple when I want to buy an album or song directly from the app? Who gets (and how much in %) the money? Is it better for the artist (and magnatune) to buy at the magnatune website or per iPhone-app? And when I buy just from iTunes, will the money comes back to you?

Why I can't find your emails as a blog here on the website - it would be good and informative ...

All the best

Hardy 'Knuddelbacke'

I think I was not clear in my previous comment. Sure this is your blog but it's very hard to find from the magnatune-homepage ... how about a 'blog'-button?

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