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November 05, 2004


Derek at CD Baby

Thanks for the CD Baby mention. I'd just like to offer a few corrections: CD Baby has 2-minute clips of every song (not 30-seconds). Also we never claimed to sell more CDs than anyone, just more INDEPENDENT CDs. (I'm sure WalMart.com sells more CDs than we do, just not independent CDs.) And lastly, at CD Baby, over half of our sales are now to returning customers "just browsing". I also used to think that CD Baby was powered by the "buy our CD" links on artist's sites, but it's definitely tipped into more browsing-sales than artist-sent-me sales.

Oh and IUMA pretty much shut down 4 years ago. No employees. What's left at iuma.com is a zombie site that hasn't been changed since they shut down. The band on the front page, Griswald, broke up in 2001.

Ben Francis

Excellent overview of the online world of music.

It will be great if this could somehow reach the press who currently seem to have a very tinted view of online music! They seem to think that at one end there's P2P file sharing networks where teenage criminals hang out to cheat artists out of money, at the other there's (not so) revolutionary new legal services like iTunes who sell music from the big labels, and that's it.

Let's see what this PR-agency of yours is made of :)

tola ^/.


You migth add a link to the wiki page "http://www.enorgis.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php", about free and legal musical downloads too.

Klaus Post

Minor correction: Bleep offers full previews, but you have to press the 'play' button every 30 seconds.


You might also mention that mp3 blogs (like Knobtweakers.net) are spreading the good word about music online, as well.

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