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December 01, 2004


Preston L. Bannister

Your sample may yet be too small, but I wonder how the purchase price paid changes when buying the successive albums from from the same artist over time (counting the average price of multiple albums bought at the same time as a single purchase).

I wonder if the "worth" of an artist to the consumer rises over time.

The first album you buy from a new (unfamiliar) artist is a gamble. Later you might not care as much that for that artist's work.

On the other hand, by the time you buy an artist's third album, you have a pretty good idea if you are going to continue to like the artist's work. At that point the music is (perhaps) worth more. Paying more in the hope of seeing future albums from the same artist might well make sense to the customer.

( And on a personal note, I would very much like to see *more* albums from the artists I bought & liked ... which leads to the above question. )

John Buckman

"I wonder if the "worth" of an artist to the consumer rises over time."

This is a really good point, and I could figure this out by looking at the artists who have more than one album with Magnatune, and seeing what people who come back to buy more spend. It'll take some programming, but it's interesting.


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