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October 14, 2005


Joel Benjamine

Hey John, just reading your latest magnatune discuss post on the sales spike. For what its worth, more folks have written into us and cited the Economist article than any other piece of press we have received since I've been answering the mail.. Many said they had found us in the magazine and were making their first purchases with us because of it. Same with the recruiting cards- more than a few have stated that they found us that way.

- joel, who answers the email for magnatune


Good news !
Among improvements to the site, do you think adding a search box for artist/album/genre search would be easy ? The list of magnatune artists is growing, finding someone in the list is not that quick...

John Buckman

do you think adding a search box for artist/album/genre search would be easy

It won't be easy, but it's high on my todo list, hence my recent visit to last.fm to work with them to get "sounds like" data from them.


Greg Meyer

How about all of those people booting into the amaroK LiveCD which loads the Magnatune.com site by default ;)


In Finland and France, some of the credit for renewed exposure could be given to the current debate over Copyright law, which makes it very close to US DMCA.

In Finland, the new law passed on 6th of October, but given the public reaction, it will have a trial period of one year, after which there will be a new vote to confirm or infirm the law.

In France, it is du next month, through an "emergency procedure", which leaves much less time for parliamentary debate.

Jeff Rush

Please don't drop the 'we are not evil' logo for that soft sounding 'everybody wins'. Your current logo is not perceived as negative here. And your bashing of the music industry is soft, not grating, so don't stop that either. I'm a magnatune customer as a form of protest of the existing state of the music industry. It's the only place I get music anymore.

BTW, I've not received the sample set of recommendation cards, although I requested them weeks ago. If you just haven't gotten to it yet, that's fine but if you're current, then I need to re-request. I think they're a great idea and have an opportunity to hand out lots.

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