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November 06, 2005



Apropos to CD Sales:

I had a friend who bought a physical CD from Magnatune, and was horribly disappointed, though he rather likes the Magnatune concept in general.

Unfortunately, I can't find the exact post, but his biggest complaint was the labelling and packaging was very lacking. Even though you distribute album artwork for them, he was disappointed that the labelling emphasized Magnatune over the actual artist and album name. (Rather than the real artwork, or even just ARTIST - ALBUM (brought to you by Magnatune)). He found the reversal of marketing here rather offputting, and I tend to agree.

I know I would be upset if I bought a disc from EMI, and it was largely labelled with EMI, with the artist and disc name being secondary.

I don't know if you've changed the labelling of the physical CDs in the meantime, but if not, you may want to reconsider.


Congrats for the increase in sales!

A little hint: there is heated debate about copy protection going on here in Finland on account of the new legislation that makes it illegal to bypass forms of copy protection. People are starting to boycott copy protected cds, and getting generally more and more pissed, thanks to incidents like sony's rootkit. I think there are many potential buyers here, waiting to be told about this wonderful option you are offering here. I'm trying to do my part of promoting, but you might want to establish some connections.. ;)


Nice to hear your doing good!
I have been dropping in every now and then, listening to streams and checking out random bands.
Few days ago I started to flesh out my own Webcast system. Including shows with live video and so on. I recalled that you guys are pretty open and figured you could offer affordable way to obtains some audio for the "dead time" when I do not have live material or scheduled shows. Lo'n'Behold. CC share-alike! Perfect for my purpose!
So I felt I wanted to do my first feature on some bands from magnatune. I usually listen to metal&punk so that's where I started looking for bands to feature. I listened pretty much everything from the categoyr whether I liked it instantly or not.

I still have yet to record my first show but I already bought Mandrake Root: "The Seventh Mirror" just because I liked it enormously.

I feel like that the CC licensing is making a lot of sales from the podcasters and their audience because they are prepared to listen to the broadest category of stuff to find the pearls.

I have been listening categorically bands for this whole evening. You can be sure to see lots more purchases from me. I think I wont drop another 20 to the big media anymore for anything. Magnatune All The Way!

PS. I wanted to buy a real CD, but I thought the price was a bit steep. Aren't there any companies around willing to make microbatches for less?
PPS. Referring to previous poster. I'm from Finland also :) I would prolly had illegally used random music and started paying TEOSTO/GRAMEX (Finnish RIAA) when the audience finds my stream. Thanks to Magnatune I don't have to feel the sting of conciense :)

John Buckman

"PS. I wanted to buy a real CD, but I thought the price was a bit steep. Aren't there any companies around willing to make microbatches for less?">

Every company I've checked with charges about $4 to make a CD on demand, and another $1 to send it to through the postal service. Unfortunately, with you in Finland, the postal charge is quite a bit higher ($4) to send it from the USA. Someday, perhaps we'll also use a company to make CDs for us in Europe. However... CD sales vs Downloads continue to decline, so I don't see investment in CD infrastucture as making lots of sense.


The DJ is a good idea.
The COMPUTER VOICE DJ is a terrible idea.
My brain is undisposed to receive what that ugly voice has to say.

One is hearing beautiful engaging music and suddenly an awful voice breaks in to say 'rah ras trath...' A soft human voice would be so much better.

The computer voice has the potential of turning listeners like me away from your music, you might as well put a buzzer between tracks.

Is good to have the information, but give the opportunity to a real DJ, record Companies have benefited from it before.

Do not take away from Magnatune its personal voice,(the artist's and user's voices were a great touch) just make it better.

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