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December 20, 2005



Interesting. I'm a bit curious as to how the CDBABY agreement works. I've noticed that some Magnatune artists have their CDs available from within CDBABY's store. My understanding is that CDBABY has always been a store, and not a "record label"... But perhaps I'm mistaken?

John Buckman

CDBABY is who Magnatune uses to get its music onto other music stores, such as iTunes. Besides their CD store, they also have a digital distribution service at http://www.cdbaby.net/dd

I had announced on this blog that I was going to use The Orchard for this service that does a similar thing, but a number of people popped up to tell me that The Orchard has a really bad reputation (indeed, we experienced that when my wife's former label had to threaten to sue to get paid -- something I've since learned is a common experience with the Orchard, though evidently they're now trying to change their behavior in order to change that reputation).

Anyhow, after I announced my intentions to use The Orchard and a bunch of people warned me not to, Derek from CDBABY popped up and said he really wanted to work with me (and Magnatune) and he and I hammered out an agreement for CDBABY to supply our music to all the other digital distribution services.

As far as cases where musicians themselves sign up with CDBABY (something which is totally permitted under the Magnatune artist agreement) there's no problem, and Magnatune simply doesn't send those to CDBABY and there's no problem.


Seems like a very nice agreement for everyone involved. Looks like they distribute to several download services. Does anyone know if any of their partners offer lossless downloads (e.g. FLAC)?

John Buckman

Does anyone know if any of their partners offer lossless downloads (e.g. FLAC)?

I know that CDBABY stores everything internally as FLAC files, but I don't know that many services which sell lossless files. Besides Magnatune.

Matthias Delay

Congratulations, CDBaby is a very good choice. I work with them since a long time and I am extremely happy and satisfied with their service - and the prompt payments.

regarding losless files: beatport.com is offering WAV files since a few weeks, I don't know if CDBaby already works with them.

Susan Carroll

Curious...what's the percentage paid to the distributor and the retailer? Is it possible to distribute directly through a consortium of other independent labels?

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