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January 28, 2006



> Does this seem like a *really* useful feature, or just nice to have?

Maybe not a *really* useful feature, but I would *really* like it. That would be a great and easy way for listener to discover new artists.

Don Marti

Divide by total sales to find items that correlate better, not just "popular" items? example


>>... You can see that the music genre hopping is more severe, but some more recent artists (such as Laurel Zucker) get featured in the new one and not in the older one, and some more obscure artists (ie Falik) show up.

Hey! I'm an obscure reference!!!!

But sereiously, folks, I think it's an improvement. Maybe there should be an "off the beaten path" link. Some randomly selected cross- genre link to those "obscure" artists?

Daniel Kinney

Really what I think you should be aiming for are ratings-based recommendations. (Netflix has an excellent implimentation that's worth checking out.) I am far less interested in the typical "Others also bought..." lists than I am in "We think you might like..." lists. The latter is always much more accurate and rarely lets me down, whereas the former is often just a popularity contest -- and what's popular is rarely what's best.

My two cents.

John Buckman

Don, I need a little clarity on your algorithm suggestion. To use your example, suppose :

3 people who bought A also bought X
2 people who bought A also bought Y
1 person who bought A also bought Z

And if X has sold 300, Y has sold 200 and Z and has sold 50.

In your math:
X would be 1x correlated
Y would be 1x correlated
Z would be 2x correlated, and ranked top

is that right?


Don Marti

John, yes, that's right.

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