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January 08, 2006


Nicholas E. May

The document is very convincing---it makes me wish I was a musical artist and could join The Greatness That Is Magnatune (and make a little money doing what I enjoy!).

You do still sound a little bit like a "new Internet music thing", but that can't really be avoided. At the same time you come across as a record label, at least, you seem to be doing what I would expect a record label to do.

You (John, not Magnatune in general) have some nice photos---what kind of camera did you use? Digital?

John Buckman

"You (John, not Magnatune in general) have some nice photos---what kind of camera did you use? Digital?"

Do you mean the photos of me, or the photos I take?

The photos of me are mostly on a Canon EOS-1, taken by Sheila Newbery, who is a pro photographer friend of mine.


I may appreciate this more than anyone else, but what John is doing here with this post further goes to demonstrate exatcly what he's about. The desire to create oneself and continue to recreate oneself is truly a hallmark of someone showing passion for the endeavor at hand. Specifically, the TRIBE.NET thread referred to here was generated in a context outside of the Magnatune purview, and entirely critical in nature. However, rather than shy away from it, or denounce it some other respect, John found it provoking and decided to allow the criticsm to continue as a part of his paradigm.

That, my friend, shows true commitment to the vision, and as a Magnatune artist, I really apreciate that.

Nathan Jones

How about you define the terms "record label" and "record company" and we'll tell you whether Magnatune fits the mould? I've never fully understood what these terms mean.

Perhaps other record labels provide more promotion and development for artists, or are able to provide advance funds for recording, but Magnatune seems to be one of the only businesses to give customers what they want.

Perhaps a large portion of the record indutry is not evil at all, but appears so by contrast to Magnatune. I find myself asking more and more artists and labels why I can't easily buy their music online in unencumbered formats.

On the subject of greater artist development and financing, I'll be interested to see if Magnatune ever reaches the size where it can do more of this.

Jeff Yankauer

I was going to suggest that Magnatune try to push for some radio play on college stations, but then I realized there would have to be a way to ensure that the radio station mentions Magnatune. (otherwise someone might find the artist's outside the Magnatune site which defeats the purpose) Maybe you should do some radio interviews with college stations where you offer to visit a college station and discuss Magnatune and play some Magnatune tracks while you are there, just a wild idea off the top of my head.

Nicholas E. May

Do you mean the photos of me, or the photos I take?

I meant the photos that you take.

John Buckman

"I meant the photos that you take."

Ah, yes, those from

Well, I use a not-so-great camera, the Lumix fx7. You can read a review of it here: http://www.steves-digicams.com/2004_reviews/fx7.html

The thing I do that makes them look good is that I bought pro light gear -- a bright light reflected off an umbrella. That's the magic secret!

Very happy you like them!

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