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February 05, 2006



We are in the process of setting up a Wedding videographer business. I can see you may have the answer to the question I seek. I would like to add music to the wedding video, love story, highlights, photo montage, and ect. What kind of license do I need, and where can I get it?



John Buckman

We are in the process of setting up a Wedding videographer business. ... What kind of license do I need, and where can I get it?

You want "unit license (ie, weddings)", it's very popular with just the user you're describing.


Aubrey Rammell

We are in the process of setting up a Sports Bar and want to know the price it may cost for this license. Our Terms....
1. about a 3 year contract
2. 11 speakers
3. 600 sq feet in the building


I would like to sell a CD with our company logo on it - perhaps call it Moonga Mood Music - and have love songs (or something like that). How do I go about getting the license for something like this? Is it a difficult undertaking and is the price worth it for a small company? Thanks...

Mike Miyake

It is interesting to know in the future of doing video or music in the internet business for my CD out. Or sampling in my web site later. Thank you for the you taking my message.


Do bands that are playing live need a license? Thinking about doing a concert and singing other peoples music like some Neil Diamond songs and maybe some Hendrix songs using a live back up band. Possibly selling some tickets to see the show and maybe a small venue. I heard alot of musicians out their with 30 years experience said they don't need a license to sing or play the music of others in bars or venues. They say they are a cover band. ??

illive Music

To the person inquiring about the wedding videos.
Unless they are going to be sold for a profit and released, you should not need to license your music. For personal use there should not be a charge. There are certain circumstances where you should. I would have to know the exact scenario. Illive Management & Consultancy can assist with all of your music business needs for a low fee. Log onto www.IlliveMusic.com for more info.
To the person with a sports bar. You need to go about acquiring licenses by paying a blanket fee to each society(ascap, Bmi, Sesac, etc..) You can do this yourself or pay a consultant to do it for you. Illive Management & Consultancy can assit with all your needs for a small fee. Send your requests or questions to [email protected].

Illive Music Licensing is a 'one stop' agency that has music from multiple artists, all genres, for a low cost and easy license negotitaions. Log onto www.IlliveMusic.Com for more info.

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