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February 03, 2006


Martin Richmond

I think the fact that it is only Windows / WMA friendly speaks it's future blatantly ! There is something so reminiscent of the dot com crash and this site. I too will be watching it.
thanks for writing about it,

Nathan Jones

It may be quibbling, but you should still ask them to remove "the only high fidelity music download service". Although Magnatune is its own label, rather than a site to download music from major companies, it's still a music download service.

While it's nice to see the option of lossless music available, the restrictive nature (DRM/WMA) makes it unappealing. The only difference is that now when people ask artists, labels and companies for the ability to buy high quality audio for download, they'll be referred to MusicGiants as if that's a decent option.

Matthew Bowden

Why would people buy an entire album at $15.29 minimum when they can go out and buy the CD for that money ?.

For 1 track maybe but for me its still massive exploitation of your customer base. There is no cost of CD production and distribution for them so why are we paying the same prices as CDs?.

Until the costs and restrictions of these sites come down to reasonable levels around that of yourselves at magnatune I am buying the CD.

Ryan Sawhill

Yeah... this service is a joke to me. I'm really curious to see how/if they'll be successful.

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