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February 06, 2006



I think using positive "pull quotes" on Magnatune artist pages is a good idea, so long as a) the quotes are from reputable sources, b) they're short, and c) there aren't a lot of them (maybe one or two per artist).

The Consumer Reports thing is interesting - I was under the impression that, to this day, CR does not allow recipients of their product reviews to list them by name. That's why you often see products saying they're highly rated by "a leading consumer journal", and never (in my experience) see the name "Consumer Reports" listed. Maybe they don't take legal action, but just threaten to de-list you if you mention them by name?

Anyway, it makes sense for them, because they're kind of a special beast - they have to protect their isolation from any commercial gain in the interest of being 100% impartial. For other journalistic entities, I would think that they would, in all cases, *want* you to pull quotes from their reviews, because it constitutes a little bit of free advertising for their paper; and if they didn't want that quote to be associated with them, they shouldn't have published it in the first place, right?


Well, although it does constitute a bit of free advertising for the publication, that isn't a key factor in determining fair use.

Here's a good checklist of the primary things that are taken into consideration: http://www.copyright.iupui.edu/checklist.htm

From what I can tell, even though Magnatune is a commercial enterprise, we'd still be squarely in fair use territory.


what's up with the site? I have not been able to log in since 3pm EST. Are your servers down?

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