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February 10, 2006


John Buckman

Whoops, turns out thttpd was piggy with its memory and he3 was running slowly this morning, with a Unix load average of 1.5 and mult-second latency on the command line (telnet).

So, now I'm back to mathopd. I found a new web page command in mathopd ("dump") which can show me how many simultaneous listeners we have. The server was set to what I thought was a very generous 1000 listeners, but it turns out we were hitting maximum that most of the day. Now it's set to 5000 max listeners, and I'm storing the # of listeners on a per-minute basis to see if we ever max out.

I also found that I had set the per-connection buffer at 64k, rather the default 12k, and this was causing mathopd to use lots of memory, which caused memory swapping and thus high machine load. I couldn't find any setting like this for thttpd, which is unfortunate because I think the high load on the machine was due to the high memory usage of thttpd.

Mathopd reports right now:

Uptime: 5354 seconds
Active connections: 814 out of 5000
Max simultaneous connections since last dump: 814
Forked child processes: 0
Exited child processes: 0
Requests executed: 73791
Accepted connections: 64473
Pipelined requests: 285


What is with this lady's voice at the end of every preview song? I know it is a preview song 'cause all the tag fields has the word "preview" in big letters. I also know which artist it is as it has the artist/album in the tags. Then why this announcement? It kinda ruins the experience.

Glukx Ouglouk

John decided to put this anouncement at the end of each track because magnatune songs can also be heard on shoutcast radio stations, and people who listen to magnatune radios can't know which artist is playing when they hear something great (plus for other reasons I don't remember, I think). He explained that in this blog and in the forum.

Wikipedia uses lighttpd for their high-load image-server, and it seem to do the job very well. Funny, that thttpd doesn't compare their browser to lighttpd.


lighttpd is 4-6 times faster in every setup than apache and outperfoms thttpd for large files.

Might be worth a try.

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