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April 11, 2006



Too bad it's no longer clear you can listen to complete albums before buying... It gives no hint that you're any different from all the other sites where you can listen for a small sample of track and then buy it.


I disagree. The previous phase "Listen to hours of music for free" did not necessarily communicate it was complete albums. It could have been hours of 30 second snippets. And the "free" aspect could easily be misunderstood. I'm glad to see it gone. I like the new phrase.


I agree with Steve. Though there are some clear places where "free" should be applied, I believe that it's important to place some emphasis on the whole purchasing aspect. The fact that Magnatune allows you to listen to all of its music before you buy is a very attractive characteristic, which most music sites do not provide. Jan's catch-phrase is awesome. I'm of the opinion that something like this is good for the rest:

"Listen. Love It. Buy it.

Listen to full-length tracks of all of our music before you decide to buy."

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