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June 06, 2006



So.. can you pack me in your luggage or something?

Tell Steve T. thanks again for his podcast with me at www.krimson-news.com. I still have to get around to weedification of some of my stuff, but my spare cycles are going to new music right now, so if that's not a good excuse...

BTW, if you would be interested in any of the artists at BitWorks Music (www.bitworksmusic.com) let me know. It sounds like you are doing an amazing job for your artists! Keep it up!

guitarist/composer - Smokin' Granny
chief bit monkey - BitWorks Music


I'm a french teenager, looking for nice, legal music, and i really enjoy the way you think music should go to its audience.
In the beginning of this year, there was a huge debate in France, concerning P2P and copyrights. You probably heard about it. I think that, as you represent a nice alternative, you should try when you come to France to spread your idea in the press, by contacting Radio France for example.
Have a good luck!


PS : sorry for the mistakes, my english is far from perfect!



As a long-time-though-infrequent MagnaTune customer, I full heartedly support Kevin's suggestion!

Could you post a tentative schedule here?


John Buckman

My tentative schedule:
Sept 6-9 Munich
Sept 9-13 driving to Berlin
Sept 13-16 Berlin
Sept 17-20 driving toward Luxembourg, Saarbrucken
Sept 21/22 Luxembourg
Sept 23-25 Paris

As to France, I speak French well and am participating in a "debat" in Bordeaux November 27, and I do have a few press contacts in Paris, so we should see more about Magnatune in France.



Paris, Berlin, Luxembourg, and SAARBRÜCKEN! That's great. Will you give a presentation in Saarbrücken? If you can figure out a connection with Artificial Intelligence (music recommender system, for instance), then I might be able to organize a talk at the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (www.dfki.de). DFKI has a competence center on "Computational Culture" (http://www.computationalculture.org/), this might fit, too. I can put you in contact with the responsible person, send me a mail, if you are interested (preferebly till Friday, midday), afterwards I'll be away from my mail

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