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December 17, 2006


David D. Palmer

I'm having trouble using either format since the changeover- I used to choose lo-fi, and after a short wait, the selections played without interruption. Unfortunately, I live in a backwater where anything other than my 56k dialup internet connection is outrageously expensive (satellite dish). Is there any player that will delay the playing until the buffering and/or file transfer is complete?

John Buckman from Magnatune

Thanks for posting, as I was wondering if the current flash player worked well enough for low bandwidth connections.

The short answer is that currently the hifi and lofi players play the same thing, and that this will be fixed in a few weeks. This is unfortunate, but it's because Flash wasn't compatible with our current lofi mp3s, so I have to remake them all, which is going to take a bit of time.



yes its take a time but if a person will work on it hardly so they can get it very easily, they will never face any kind of problem in any programme or some thing like your problem about the flash player or some thing else.

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