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December 30, 2006


Daniel Burrows

I think this is a great idea -- but you might want to put it in a more prominent place (front page would be ideal). It's, um, not very easy to figure out that you have to start buying an arbitrary song in order to get a gift card. I wouldn't have found the feature, except that I vaguely recalled that you had a gift card feature on the site, so I asked the all-knowing Google and ended up here.

Nathan Jones

Will there ever be an option to buy an album for someone? (ie. a gift certificate that can be used for a single album, not for $x.)

John Buckman of Magnatune

"Will there ever be an option to buy an album for someone? "

You can currently buy an album for someone, just fill in their email address and/or postal address into the purchase page.

However, I am planning a "give" button on the site, so you can give CDs/downloads to someone else, but you'll be choosing the music.

As to gift certificates for a set amount of money, I don't know yet if I'll be adding that.


Nathan Jones

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