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March 21, 2007



Although I live in north Texas, I've never gotten to go to SXSW. The various Creative Commons/open source events this year, including the panel on which you participated, sounded interesting enough that I wish I had been able to go. I'm glad magnatune got such positive feedback along the way.

Nathan Jones

"Lonelygirl15 has used a lot of Magnatune music and always credits us..."

Do Lonelygirl15 pay for Magnatune music, or are they using the CC-BY-NC-SA versions? I would expect that they pay, as it's commercial.

Also, you say they credit Magnatune. Just in YouTube tags? The videos have no credits, and I haven't seen credits in descriptions on Revver or the RSS feed. (Not that it makes sense to put credits on blog-style videos; and I don't think attribution is required for paid Magnatune licenses.)

Daniel Holter

We dig what you're doing, John! Missed you at SXSW this year.

LOL re: the LonelyGirl15 music supervisor... With online music licensing sites run by people who love music, the power is in the hands of the creator - as it should be - and it's easier than ever to find great music! Keep up the great work.

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