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October 25, 2007



I think this is a good point. A rational aggregator or simpler clearinghouse for rights matters would make sense. The media giants, though, would have to show a pricing flexibility which involves a lot of new territory for them. Yet in the long run, some change is inevitable, and it's the media giants, rather than the consumer, who will suffer the most until they make that change.


Suffering is a relative term, of course. The artists are the worst off but is that a new thing?

I'm glad you believe that the monopolization is somewhat accidental.

Personally, I'm concerned about a new wave... I think that there is now so much free content out there that consumers can get all the content they want without having to pay for any of it. The perceived value of a piece of content is drifting ever closer to zero. Case in point - who, having youtube, needs a cable subscription?

But I read a good saying recently: "There is a point where ease of use beats free" and I think that some niche companies, magnatune, CDbaby, beatport, although they might not challenge the giants, can still do well through making it easy for people to find the best content.

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