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December 10, 2007



Hi John, thanks a lot for such an opportunity to enjoy Magnatune's artists... I was wondering, wouldn't you put a Hi Res image of the cover? (I haven't been able to find it and it didn't come with the download).

Regards and all the best for this 2008.



Dear John:

Thank you to you, to the involved artists and to Magnatune for posting the Christmas compilation. I found it an enjoyable listen during this holiday season. I liked in particular that it was offered for free, without a lot of the kind of marketing folderol that sometimes accompanies such internet offers. The release has the wonderful (and entirely indirect and appropriate) secondary effect of making me want to check out a buy material by the artists on the complilation.

During the holiday season, I also purchased the Eternal Jazz Project album GratisJazz. This is a really good album--smooth, accessible, and yet not easy-listening-pandering. This is the kind of quality release I am glad I can find on Magnatune.

Happy New Year!

Robert Nunnally

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