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May 09, 2008


Matt May

I think you may need to tease out what they mean by a "CD club." It's probably more about the push aspect of a club than the medium. Personally, I think I'd rather spend ~$10/mo and have a set of (MP3) albums sent to me according to my musical preferences than pay $19/mo and have the run of the shop.

It's a paradox-of-choice thing. I like my eMusic subscription, but each month, aside from a few featured albums that get thrown up at me, I end up spending a lot of time auditioning tracks before I finally make my picks, and that drains me. (At least, it drained me enough to stop doing Staccato. :)

How about this: you set up a program where we get 3-5 albums a month pushed down to us. We pick our favorite of the month, and the overall winners in each category get featured-artist status. Or they get $1 for each individual vote. Just an idea. The Columbia House model isn't nearly as attractive as something more customized.

Andreas Lober

I just have started the three months download membership.
Why did I choose this?

  1. I like the music I can listen to on Magnatune.
  2. I like the fair trade concept: 50% go to the artists.
  3. I like to have high quality FLAC files instead of cheap MP3's.
    On e.g. CD Baby you buy cheap MP3's and good CD's for the same (high) price. IMHO a bad concept.
  4. I would like to buy a normal Audio CD (not CD-R with a short lifetime) together with a small booklet
    including list of titles, time, artwork (not the standard Magnatune booklet).
    But this is not possible with Magnatune, what a pity! Hence I chose this very good alternative.
    In case you start offering real CD's one day, I'd sure book some "upgrades"
    for some of my downloaded FLAC albums to a real CD.

Like in Last.fm or Amazon you might get my listening preferences and downloaded items to build up a "playlist" or recommendations list. I would appreciate this.

Best regards — and keep on running this wonderful shop! —,
Andreas Lober

Andreas Lober

What do you think about a booklet sharing place where customers of Magnatune may share PDF or whatever format to give their self-made booklet files to others?

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