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June 01, 2008


Ken Kennedy

John, this is outstanding! I love to recommend your music, but it's hard to get people to go to new sites. Not that I have a lot of my own traffic *grin*, but I can at least add a FEW potential new listeners and purchasers this way. Thanks.



Why no "Buy / License" button anywhere?


Hey !

Our friends of Magnatune have their widgets ! Great move John ...



Cool! But I can never figure out, being uninformed, why box.net and youtube things embed well in livejournal, but widgets like this don't do as well.

Pedro Rosario

This is indeed a great idea, and I endorse Piers' suggestion that you include buttons to let people buy the tracks or the albums. SNOCAP apparently is succeeding in this aspect, and Magnatune could do this too. :-)


I prefer the non-intrusive nature of these. Though having a "buy" button optional would be nice.


Excellent, John. I'm about to launch 2 new domains and revamp a third. This feature will definitely go on at least 1 of 'em. If web masters and persuasive bloggers/reviewers can help grow your biz, hopefully you'll consider launching an affiliate program (tied to Piers' suggestion) so that we might reap a modest reciprocal reward.
IMHO, monopolistic recording companies are "heavy-handed". Intrusive swf ad banners on web sites are "heavy-handed". However, an easy to use embedded player with your user-friendly option NOT to autoplay combined with a discrete "BUY IT" button right on the player face couldn't possibly be misconstrued as heavy-handed or crass or intrusive. It's a convenience. Take it from a marketing pro, the more hurdles/steps you put between a listener and an impulse buy, the fewer sales you'll make. For every listener smitten enough with a song to drill down and read a bio - and chance upon a buried "buy it" option - how many won't? Dozens? Hundreds?


Great idea! I use Wordpress - I'll give it a go now, not too good at these things ... but will let you know what happens.


Huh - looks like Wordpress will only take a link that takes the reader away from my blog ot the album page on Magnatune .. anyone got any hints?


Wordpress is very specific about what kinds of flash content they allow to be displayed in their posts. Standard 'object' and 'embed' tags get stripped out of the HTML before it is displayed. This is because many believe that Flash content can be potentially unsecure. When I was working at an internet video company, we had to contact the makers of Wordpress directly to get them to add a 'shortcode' for us to use that would allow our videos to be embedded in Wordpress posts.


This is really marvelous! The Magnatune catalog is something I know our customers will love.

One question - any chance of adding autoresume, shuffle or FF/REW on the slim player? (I noticed the FF/REW buttons on SourceForge and the other features mentioned at http://www.boutell.com/xspf/ ) I think these features would really help showcase the artists - not everyone would realize that these are embedded albums, nor would they think to right-click for Next/Previous options.

At this time, the larger player isn't an option - but just so you know, we may go that way at some future point. Initial reason not to was because the art that shows up in your xspf player doesn't show up on the embedded version - and our site is about art.

Again, the above is all meant in the positive - many thanks for this capability!


Travis, thanks for the comment. Bummer!


I love this player object to embed... only better - would be to enable custom playlists of songs to embed. Perhaps a list of 10 to 20 of my "favorite" songs, "current" playlist, or "theme xyz" of songs to set the mood for a particular website. I wish I could do that, yet also still provide unobtrusive convenient links for visitors to check out the full album website for artist of each track. Thanks magnatune!!! Please keep up the fresh ideas!


Done it, used it, sensational! Thanks!


As a subscriber to Magnatune for years now, I'm glad to see this app come alive. Great for subscribers and really good for non-subscribers. Magnatune is great for discovering new independent music. In my opinion it's completely affordable (I spend more on coffee than I do on Magnatune!). Really, who doesn't? Thanks!

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