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November 30, 2009



I would *love* to see a blackberry app.


I love the clean look and feel of the version 1.1 much more than 1.0! Great job! The cover art is nice too.


There are still a few things I would like to see:
* free membership access that allows one to:
** "heart" or bookmark tracks and albums that I like
** "wishlist" the songs I want to buy later
** advance through a track to get a quick "feel" for it
** tags for songs: both magnatune/artist derived and by listeners!!!
*** e.g. instrumental, upbeat, happy, rock (see amazon)
** perhaps personal notes for a song? (think amazon/newegg wishlists)
** links for similar songs, perhaps you might like...? others bought... (already done on the website, but not in the app)
** "popularity" (sort genre or all artists), what's playing now or most recently? You could also mix in a few lesser known tracks/albums in the list too.
** log back into the website and browse/tag/heart/buy music online

Use case: I'm a busy student looking for new music, particularly music I can license to include in non-commercial youtube videos and photo slideshows. My biggest difficulty is "finding" the music I need to match my video's "feel". The biggest problem with all new music sites now is "finding" the music

I'm tossing between last.fm, jamendo.com, pandora and magnatune.com. I'd like to use/buy from Magnatune more often, but am having trouble "finding" the songs I like/need. Being able to do this casually while on the go, then reviewing later to buy/download would be great!!!

Please keep up the great work - thanks!


Also, lala.com


How about an app for the open Android system?
Anything planned or available ?


Just came across this, i LOVE it, thanks John!

Jon Masters

Cool. But it requires the very latest Apple firmware be installed - which I didn't because that breaks tethering support. I'd love to install this, once I have a way to upgrade my iPhone :)

Nicole Redo

Any chance of developing an app for the Blackberry?


I am liking the app so far. Any chance adding flip capability to it so it can be on its side and adjust the cover work appropriately?

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