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September 04, 2010


William McEvoy

Wow, that is quite the upgrade you did, John! Keep up the good work.


Congrats to the new server. Personally had no issues at all :) - Keep up this awesome project, my musical horizon has enlarged ever since i heard of (and music from) magnatune.com and this seems to be neverending ;)


Ubuntu huh? :) nice one of my favourite sites runs one of my favourite Linux Distros, but why Ubuntu? I understand it as a desktop OS but in a server I would choose Debian. Rock stable.



Good the hear. :)

Are there any plans to renew the page layout? Because it looks very Web 1.0 (or more 0.9). Also tables and spacer gifs are used for formatting, which I guess was already deprecated 9 years ago.

Phil Howard

Is that just one server? I'm impressed it is doing so well. But then, it is Linux. Must be a whopper of a net connection in a colo.


I also would have definitely used Debian for this project. I'm using it right now to write this message. Since Ubuntu is built on top of Debian, it shouldn't be that difficult to add whatever functionality you might need for this site. Using the "stable" release of Debian in production environments is very stable, safe and secure. Plus, most importantly, Debian is non-proprietary. Ubuntu cannot make that claim.

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