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December 17, 2010



John, I think you're misrepresenting the Lady Gaga quote. First, it is clear that this is what she earned for one single song, "Poker Face". Gaga has a few dozen songs, though this might indeed be the most popular one. Second, it's not even clear from the article whether it was played one million times during the year or whether the stated sum was per one million streams. If they said that was for 1,200,000 or 800,000 plays I'd agree that was the total; since it's a round million, I suspect they meant per million. I find it hard to believe that millions of users listened to this very popular song just one million times in total over a year. Third, we don't know how large her part is in the total royalties paid for the song. The article carefully states how much Gaga earned, not how much Spotify paid. And lastly, this is an unconfirmed and unsourced number anyway.

It's obviously not an important part of your post and I wish Magnatune and its artists a bright future of increasing profits and great music.


It's interesting to see some numbers, even if Lady Gaga's are coming from an Internet source.

I kinda' like her stuff too, why not run your deal by her?

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