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February 16, 2011


Nick Craig-Wood

Looks great, I like it!

Another data point - the mobile website works fine with google chrome 8 on the desktop, but chrome (probably because it shares the render engine with android) has the same oddity with foreground and background music playing.

Doesn't work on my android 2.1 phone though (as you noted above) :-(


Excellent work....I've been waiting for something like this for a while, thanks!


Am not able to get albums to play although they show up on my Android, just nothing in the control bar.



Thanks for the dedicated mobile version - I find it preferable to the iPhone app (as a member I was rather annoyed by the prompts to buy albums on iTunes).

I'm also happy because this is exactly what I asked for - a mobile version of the main site.


It kind of works with my Samsung Wave 533 with bada 1.1 OS. There is no slider but the music plays nonetheless. There's just no way to control it.

Shigeo Honda

John, Mobile version works great with my 1s gen iPad. I've installed hi-fi digital audio dock for iPad/iPhone and enjoy hi quality sound playback all day.


Thanks I checked it doesn't work on my android 2.1 phone. Any thoughts

John Buckman

re: I checked it doesn't work on my android 2.1 phone. Any thoughts

Yes: in my blog entry, I wrote:

    Android: In my tests, only Android versions 2.3.1 and greater work correctly. Earlier versions of Android appear to lack support for web-based audio. Also, music keeps playing when you leave the page, and if you play another album, both play at the same time (background and foreground music). Therefore, on Android, you should hit "pause" on an album if you want it to stop playing, it will not auto-stop (until you exit the browser).

Kevin Whitaker

What would also be good would be to be able to listen to individual songs instead of just whole albums on the mobile site. If it's too much work to split up the songs, you could just simply set currentTime (since you are using the audio tag) to skip to that part of the album.

Mark Stosberg

John, you can do better:

* Your "audio" tag only has one source, the MP3 format. Firefox Mobile does not currently play the MP3 format, but it plays Ogg. You already have all the content in multiple formats, and it should be an easy update to advertise multiple source types as shown here: http://www.htmlgoodies.com/primers/html/article.php/3920991/HTML5-Primer-How-To-Use-the-Audio-Tag.htm Using that method, Firefox mobile should be easily supported on Android 2.2.
* Opera Mobile detects and uses the player fine on Android 2. It's a much better experience than the "click to play" workaround. Simply let people know that it works in Opera, instead of saying that they need Android 2.3 or higher, which many phones will never be upgraded to.
* Reportedly, the default browser on Android 2.2 will play MP3 audio if you use a "video" tag instead of an audio tag. You could sniff the browser and switch this with JavaScript. This is a "hack" but it should be temporary, and allows people to have good experience on the most common Android browser.

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