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May 07, 2011



I'm so happy for you John!!! I used to be a subscriber, but I'm unemployed right now. What you are doing with your music should be an example for The whole industry!

Spike Page

Making Magnatune available to library members may not seem like a "big deal" to people who do not have access to that particular library system, but it symbolizes a new outside-the-box thought process and shows that libraries are not just stuffy old buildings full of irrelevant books, as some people might believe.

I see the libraries of the future taking up the role of providing community enrichment that our public schools seem to be falling short of. While many libraries still face funding troubles (I have two sisters who are librarians), it makes me glad to see somebody willing to take a bit of a gamble on a new approach to serving the public. Rather than giving in and cutting back, they're expanding horizons and hopefully re-establishing the public library's place in the modern media age.



This is great! John you should add a fb share button to pages like this. I want to spread the news...


I like Moodmixes too. I can hardly wait til I have a hotel chain with 1000 room hotels in 1000+ locations, If I download a 24-hour mix every day in FLAC quality, it looks like my monthly cost is $7650000. Might a small discount be available? ;-) (Of course for more realistic setups the prices are very reasonable).

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