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January 26, 2012


Daniel Clements

I find the whole genre tagging system mostly useless and in fact most of my Magnatune albums are filed on a genre I created called "Magnatune". The "smart playlists" in iTunes is how I divide everything up into different listening for different moods.

Spike Page

I SO wish modern Mp3 players and programs supported multi-tagging. and searching by multiple tags. The industry seems to be dragging its feet about what to me seems an obvious needed innovation.

Dirk Heinrichs

Is this true for MP3, only? Or are other formats affected as well?

John Buckman

Is this true for MP3, only? Or are other formats affected as well?

All new FLAC/OGG/AAC files will use the new genre tags. I haven't yet rebuilt all the older files to use the new tags. However, I'll be doing that this week, thanks for reminding me.



The problem with allowing multiple tags is, that it encourages tag spamming - i.e. publishers are tempted to maximize the numbers of tags just to show up in as many listings as possible. At least with one genre/tag, as a publisher you put your best foot forward once and mislabeling becomes unappealing.

That being said -- musical labels are like language itself - always evolving and never totally consistent. The argument could be made, that forcing things into fewer genres invites more long term stability. But of course it fails miserably when large new branches of music appear.

However with language I'm ok if I know there's some consistency in the same geographic area - e.g. official UK English vs. official US English etc. In the case of music, Magnatune is the equivalent of a geographical location for me. So I for one welcome the consistent application of tagging within Magnatune.

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