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January 30, 2012


Daniel Clements

Definitely very impressive! Works well so far in Chrome.

todd moon

Using Chrome 16.0.912.77 on Debian Squeeze, kinda slow to respond, may be even so slow that at times annoying... But must say, it's really awesome JS. If u can make it faster, even better !


@Danial Clements: Scrolling in Chrome under Linux is kinda slow. I guess because of all the rounded corners and box-shadows. It is fast in every other browser or operating system. Kinda ironic, because I myself use Chrome under Linux (I'm Mathias, the guy who wrote it). But my aim was to experiment with HTML 5 audio and to learn jQuery. So my focus wasn't on getting it work perfectly everywhere.

Spike Page

Running FF 9.01 on a Windows XP Pro box, I tried the player and it looked really good. I like the drag-and-drop playlists, the graphics, colour scheme..everything. BUT

When I logged in to Magnatune from there and reloaded the page, the page realigned so that the screen was mostly filled with the lower righthand "info" content and the player was cut half-off at the top. The lefthand content is squeezed almost completely off the page and cannot be used. I tried reloading, resizing the page and everything..no change.

I hope this can be fixed because I really liked the interface up until the strangeness following login.

Spike Page

I have a previous post regarding the player in FF 9.01, and here are my findings in IE 8.

The player works excellently in IE. I love the drag-and-drop and the playlist functions. My only real complaint is appearance. I prefer the rounded-off look that I saw in FF, and it seems in IE there is a considerably wider amount of space between lines of text. In spite of those issues I'd be quite happy using this player except that I am not fond of IE at all.

GREAT job on developing this player. I look forward to seeing the perfected final outcome.


awesome :D
what about optional eyecandy so slow browsers dont get slow ??

Spike Page

FF 9.01 bug update

I cleared cookies, rebooted my computer and reloaded the player in FF. It's displaying fine now, even after I logged in. Must've been a buggy glitch somewhere besides the basic coding. I'll keep you posted if things change, but so far, so good! :)


@Spike Page: Maybe you just clicked the hide player and hide collection buttons? It's the small triangles at the edge of the player/the collection that should still be visible.


Spike Page

I thought that at first, but the buttons were not displaying. The page would start out with the windows fully visible but as soon as the content loaded the left and top windows would collapse. My only guess is that the script that loads and controls the buttons had downloaded with a bad or missing line. The problem hasn't happened again so I'm not terribly worried.

BTW I love the playlists more and more. This may be a nutty question, but is there a way to export my playlists to other users?

Brett Cornwall

Another cool player like this is rainwave.cc, which is also open source (if anyone cares to look at it). The site sends icecast streams of video game music/remix music/covers. Impressive JS!


@Spike Page:
Well, you can export the current playlist as m3u, but I haven't implemented exporting all saved playlists or importing any kind of playlist. Might do that some day, but it will only work on browsers that support the HTML 5 FileReader API.

For now you could use Chromes Inspector or I guess also Firebug to copy the local storage value called "playlist.saved" from one browser profile to another. But I guess you have to be a very advanced user (web developer) to know how to do that.


@Spike Page:
I've added a custom JSON based export format and an option to export all saved playlists and an import function. Note that I've disabled export in IE because it does not support long data:-URLs (and not even window.open(a_data_url) anyway) and import is only supported if the browser supports the HTML5 FileReader API (I think only IE 10 will do this). So I would recommend to use any browser that is not IE. I would recommend doing this anyway.

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I like the idea of option eye candy. My connection is really slow so if anyone could manage this that would be great.


Can't get it to work in my configuration: FF 10.0 linux.
Firebug gives this error:

Security error

(typeof(localStorage) === "undefined" ? "" :

Line 3596


Ok, that's interesting. Why would this ever give a security error? Did you enable some kind of advanced security settings in Firefox? Did you forbid websites to use the local storage? Or do you maybe use some special plugin that might cause this? It works for me in Firefox 10.0.1 in Fedora Linux (64bit) and Max OS X.


Just wanted to say that I moved Magnatune Player to: http://magnatuneplayer.jit.su/

The old installation will no longer be updated and will go away shortly. Please export your playlists and import them at the new website.


Ignore that last comment, I moved it to: http://greattuneplayer.jit.su/

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