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March 23, 2012


Bruno Poterie

wahoo, mr Buckman, you really are someone special
not only do i trust and follow you regarding new musical expression,
but you are an active member re: the written thing.
I express here all my bewilderment toward your engagment.
Well done.


Thank you for sharing (via email blast)! Always good to have passions that help a large number of people and don't necessarily take all your energy to maintain. I will be sharing this site with my mom, too! Thank you!


Thank you! I have joined and am looking forward to mooching books with my fellow bookworms :-)


This is a wonderful idea. It would have been great to find out about this earlier. It would have been a way to get books in my native language (Dutch). At this point, I am considering going digital with my books (as I already did with my music) and avoid transatlantic mailing costs altogether.


Lovely idea!
On the charities front, I have a couple of addresses to send children's books to for schools in Matabeleland (a region in Zimbabwe). Some of those schools have virtually no books, all are very deficient. I have been doing it myself by occasional raids on Oxfam bookshops. It would be very nice if Bookmooch, or any who reads this note, could help?


I'm a book lover and have been hanging onto a couple of books that I know I'll never read again, but can't bring myself to throw away (but I have been looking for someone to give them a good home).

Bookmooch is an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing the site.

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