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June 15, 2012


Martin Wanvik

Hi John. Just thought I'd point out that these files may not play properly on all (especially hardware) players. In particular, ogg files with embedded cover art do not play on my (admittedly rather old) iriver T60 (the files are simply skipped over). I have no idea how widespread this is - it may just be an issue with older players, or even just my particular model.

However, once one is aware of it, it isn't really much of a problem - it can be solved by either switching to mp3's (I've tested mp3 files with cover art, and they present no problems for my T60) or by stripping the cover art from the files using some appropriate utility (e.g. vorbiscomment), but you might consider putting a warning about this in an appropriate place (say, on the download page or the FAQ), especially if this turns out to be a widespread problem.

I should also add that the particular method you are using for embedding the cover art (the COVERART tag) is unofficial and deprecated, see

Robert Yannetta


As a lifetime member, it's wonderful to have the artwork embedded into the files now. This saves me the step of embedding them myself.

I have one request, if you don't mind. I'd love to see you offer Apple Lossless files now that Apple's opened the format freely. I always have to download the WAV file, create a CD from it, rip it and hope that it's in the CDDA database just so I can have a lossless version of the tracks in iTunes.

Will Apple Lossless be a download option?

John Buckman

re: Will Apple Lossless be a download option?

I'd love to offer Apple Lossless format files on Magnatune, but I haven't been able to find an open source program to create them from WAV files, at least none that can run on Linux. If there is one out there, and I haven't seen it, please let me know and this could be done.


Robert Yannetta

It looks like ffmpeg is the way to go. Take a look at this, John:


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