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September 09, 2012



How does one play streams with Clementine? You have links that will download playlists to iTunes. Can those be opened by Clementine and can streaming tracks be mixed with downloaded tracks in a new playlist?

CD Manufacturing

It is working fine. Thanks


Hello John, I have downloaded Clementine on my Mac but I have not figured out the way to download album. You mentioned it is easy. How do you do that?

John from Magnatune

re: downloading

I *think* that on Linux, you can drag a song from the Clementine player, to the Desktop, and it will download. This doesn't work on my Mac, though.


On Linux, make sure you set the Magnatune membership type to "Download membership" under preferences, then right-mouse click on any album has a "Download Album" option. Enjoy!

John from Magnatune

re: downloading

Guangling is right, if you right-click on the album (left column), not the song, then you get a "download album" choice, and this works for me on OSX, and so probably works on all platforms. It doesn't look like Clementine lets you download individual songs, just albums.


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