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November 01, 2012



I am pretty satisfied getting now those 258kb/s files, ... thank you john.


Have you taken a look at Opus? I know right now it's not supported by many players (it *is* supported by recent versions of Firefox, ffmpeg, GStreamer, VLC, foobar2000, Mumble...), but given the fact that even Microsoft (via Skype) was part of the development team and the WebRTC IETF standard includes Opus I have high hopes for it to be widely supported eventually. And they claim it is even better than AAC most of the time:

Btw. Firefox's Opus support announcement shows an example that uses a song from Magnatune (Paper Lights by Ehren Starks)!

John from Magnatune

Good point about Opus, and yes, it's on my list of formats to support.

Right now, we're busy doing a complete rewrite of Magnatune, which will also give us new servers and more disk space. Right now we're at 91% full on our music servers, so Opus needs to wait until the new year, when we have more disk space (and time) available.


Bill Stewart

I'll just be glad to be able to plug the downloads into iTunes with a lot less tweaking. A CD with, say, 30 tracks, can take maybe 10 minutes to process into iTunes and often has no artwork. So-- will I want to re-download older CD's to capture the artwork? I use the WAV files, but maybe that's going overboard.

Robert Yannetta

Referring to offering Apple Lossless with full metadata... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Yannetta

When can we expect to see the file types? I can't wait to start upgrading my music library from 256kVBRs to Apple Lossless!!

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