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November 07, 2013


Matthew Dixon Cowles

Going to:


produces a directory listing.

Thanks for getting so much working again so quickly. As someone who has rebuilt a few servers over the years, I know how much work you've done.


I submitted music 3 weeks ago that was still "unlistened". Now while trying to check the status, my e-mail login was not recognized.
Should I just resubmit?

Stephen Gilbert

Two items:
- https is not working
- Front page is not showing the latest blog entry

John from Magnatune

re: what backup software do we use? It's http://backuppc.sourceforge.net/

John from Magnatune

re: I submitted music 3 weeks ago that was still "unlistened". Now while trying to check the status, my e-mail login was not recognized. Should I just resubmit?

No, I should be able to find the submission db and restore it. Working on this now...

re: https is not working

We never officially supported https and the site didn't work right with it (lots of https warnings, and some broken graphics, I'd think) so I'm not sure this is something I'll bring back.

re: front page blog entry

Thanks, fixing that now.



The member hifi playlists (individual albums and favorites) seem to be missing or broken.

James Goodner

I can access without problem using Chrome and Firefox. MSIE 11 loads any track (by default or as specified with a user click) but doesn't progress beyond the first second. It just stays at 1 second. Not sure what's up with that.

Juan Herena

Still unable to get my iPad Magnatune to sign in to my membership to stop the annoying voiceovers. :(

Jared Rimer

Home page blog still on the old post, not this one.

Jared Rimer

Podcasts are being generated, but getting an error by itunes. The post says they aren't being generated but i think they are. Thought I'd pass this along.

John from Magnatune

re: podcasts -- they're being generated, but the specialized web server that provides the feed isn't yet up. The special server is bandwidth limited so that the podcasts downloads, which happen all at once, don't blow us out of the water

re: ipad login -- a few people have reported this, and I should get it fixed this weekend. Sorry about that!

re: msie11 - I've confirmed that bug here as well and will hopefully be able to find a fix

re: hifi playlists - will fix shortly

Sorry about the troubles -- there are so many little features at Magnatune, with 10 years of history, that it's hard to get them all sorted at once.


Jared Rimer

Thats why we're here to help. It seems that I can get to the ambient podcast now, so I'll run itunes and see if it downloads my list of podcasts now. I went through the downloads page, although that RSS feed says 60 minutes while the downloads should be 120 minutes minimum. A small thing but wanted to mention it anyway. Hopefully we'll get some new music soon, my program features the music I like, and we haven't had any new music in awhile, but who'd blame you with this massive server issue we experienced? Maybe will have a boat load when all of this is fixed.

John from Magnatune

Hi Jared -

Yep, I do have the podcast server working again, but at the moment it's just the free podcasts that are available, not the pay (commercial free and 2h long). That's soon on my list, after the ipad/iphone/android login issues.

I'm still working on the new-release build process. That's taking a lot more time than I'd like, but partially that's because I'm upgrading to the newest software at each point (ie, for every audio format) and lots of things are breaking due to version upgrades. Still... I feel I'm about 80% there, and then we'll get new releases out again.

I didn't mention the food poisoning from the wild mushrooms sold at the Farmer's market .... (grin)... wasn't able to work for about a week, but I'm ok again since yesterday.



The feature I miss the most from the old website is the ability to listen to all popular tracks in one big list without having to jump between albums. Same with tracks across genres, collections, etc. Will that feature be making a comeback anytime soon?

John from Magnatune

re: listen to all popular tracks in one big list

Yes, Moe, absolutely that feature is coming back.

Jared Rimer

Podcasts are still not working. Only got one ambient podcast, the ones I'm subscribed to aren't here, and that ambient podcast was the hour long like john had indicated. The electronica feed seems to be broken on the downloads section, but haven't received anything since the successful 11/13 ambient one.


Off Topic: I just signed up to loudr (probably because I was tricked into it?) when I saw that: http://imgur.com/zIOjbZN It's an option for:
Email me when new albums are released
We'll send you an email as soon as any of the artists you are following release a new album.

That seems to be handy. Would it be feasible for Magnatune to get such a feature?

John from Magnatune

re: Panzi

Yes, I'm planning on adding a much smarter newsletter feature, where people can check-box what they're interested in. For instance, it could email people when a new album by an artist on their favorites is available.



Song of the day is back! Yay!


Hi, Magnatune has also stopped working in Clementine. Is this also related to the server crash? My main method of listening to music from my Magnatune account is via the Clementine player.




ok, nevermind my previous post. It seems Clementine had a recent update and the new version requires you to sign in to Magnatune from the preferences window. Clementine users, beware :)

Hope this message helps others,



>> Moe: The feature I miss the most from the old website is the ability to listen to all popular tracks in one big list without having to jump between albums …

>> John: Yes, Moe, absolutely that feature is coming back.

Hi John. It's been almost 10 months since I asked that question and you gave that answer. Any hope of that feature ever making it back? I used to log into Magnatune almost daily, but now I almost never do since the website was redesigned and that feature was taken away.

P.S. Not sure if it would make any difference, but I'm a lifetime subscriber.

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