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November 05, 2013



Ah, OK. I was wondering what was going on. Thanks for the update!

Peter Davey

So sad to hear. I know what it is to have to rebuild stuff against the clock. Don't be disheartened.


so sad ! I miss Magnatune.
Thanks for your job !

David Spencer

Wow, thank for the heads up, John. When I tried to go to 'magnatune.com' last night I started to panic, because the entire domain had vanished, the site couldn't be pinged, and traceroute couldn't find you.
When you say the operating system became 'corrupted', was this from without by evil-doers or an internal OS failure? I'm almost afraid to ask what OS you run the server on, because this is not at all a normal situation with operating systems that are truly capable, that is to say robust enough, to do what your main server must do.

Jörg Sonnenberger

I just wanted to listen to some music :( If it takes longer, please redirect download.magnatune.com as well to the error message.

Nils Humano

good luck we miss you all


I will try again, take it easy

Jared Rimer

I do have a Magnatune specific server which is automated and plays from the collection I have. Its better than nothing, and has some good music on it. I know I don't have everything, but hopefully people may enjoy what I have to offer.


Not being available makes me realize all over again how much I love the site & the music you provide us! I'll keep my fingers crossed it all goes as well as possible.....

Marcel Bülles

Good luck with getting it up online again!


Yeppers. Sandboxing is a good concept.
Great that the backups worked.


Your On Top Of IT!! way to go
and Way To Go using Linux!!!
God smiles upon us!


Sorry you have to go through this, but very glad you have backups. Redundancy is good! This is the first time I'm aware of your site having technical issues, so I think you are doing just fine. Hope you get things up and running soon!


If you are not using a test/development environment, I suggest using virtualization. Take a snapshot just before deploying new software and, should anything go wrong, you'll be back in business within minutes ;-)
If your server is hosted, this may not be feasible, but then you have another item to check when looking for a suitable hosting service.


Hope the site gets back up soon! Great music on there and I enjoy listening at work and at home.


Hi, what backup software did u use (the once in pictured in the screenshot) ?


Oh. Now I finally understand why everything but two 2007 files and the latest 2013 file were the only ones that claimed to still be available, and when I tried to download anything on Podkicker, only error messages resulted. Sad.


Just as a heads-up. http://magnatune.com/today/today_rss.xml is still unavailable. Last updated November 4th.

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