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December 15, 2013



Glad to hear you and your girlfriend are recovering John....mushroom poisoning is no picnic. Thanks for supporting my music.


Welcome back to the land of the living, John. If you desire to sample wild mushrooms, the first rule is to pick them yourself and prepare them fresh. The second is never to pick something you can't unambiguously identify; two corollaries to that rule include (1) tag along with a proven and competent mushroom hunter who can teach you and (2) start with mushrooms which are not easily confused with the bad sort; morels are a good choice where I live.

With mushrooms as with music, the natural, wild sort typically surpasses the mass-market retail variety, but with no "Magna'shroom" for guidance, caution is essential.


I'm elated that Magnatune is doing new releases again and that you two are feeling well. My wife and I experienced severe food poisoning from a Christmas dinner a few years back and it's still fresh in our memories. Long live you and Magnatune!


Good to have you back, John. We've missed you :)

Now, how about some caught-in-the-wild seafood...?

Tyler J. Wagner

Sorry to hear about being poisoned, John! Let us know if you need anything!

Jonathan Filbert

I'm so glad to hear you're on the mend!

I wonder if the mobile apps are going to get any attention? I've recently moved from ios to android, and I find myself missing the "sort by date" view which the android version lacks.

I've tried the website, but on mobile, I really do prefer a local app, even if it's a spartan one.

Terry A.

Nice to have you back John, Next time I'm served mushroom I might think twice before swallowing.... although all the mushroom we eat come from the supermarket, one never knows....

I build my own computers and have had to re-install the OS many times to fix a goof. I am into Linux also, Ubuntu, but only fiddle with every now and then.

Terry - Hayward, CA


It's great to hear you're back! Thanks for all the music, and let me already wish you a Merry Christmas!

Barbara Wolfsong

Good Grief! I wondered what happened to you. I am so glad you are all okay. I love mushrooms, but I've heard so many horror stories that I will never eat wild ones.


Yikes!! So glad you're ok!

Dammerson Vaughan

John from Magnatune

Thanks everyone for your sympathy regarding eating bad mushrooms!

Regarding the mobile apps, I can report that we have two new iPhone apps coming out for Magnatune. One is a modern rewrite of the existing app (ie, so it runs faster and better) and another is a complete rethink, with quite a bit more features to it.

On the Android side, I really like the existing app (I hope you're ok with it!) but you're right, the "recent albums" feature is missing there, so I'll add it for a next-rev-feature list.



Holy crap! I'm glad you two are okay!!

- Jerry J. Davis


Ouch! Glad you both are feeling better now.


As a lover of picked-in-the-wild mushrooms myself: glad to see you alive :)


Sympathy and empathy. My wife and I had severe food poisoning from chicken one winter. Then the toilet blocked! Luckily the near neighbour was a retired cowman and he sorted the plumbing while we were exhausted prostrate.
Watched Hugh Fearnley "A cook on the wild side" and after he soaked the wild mushrooms the number and range of bugs, woodlice and wormy things that came out was startling. It ain't just bacteria.


glad you made it alive!
Looking forward new music discovery for xmas on magnatune :)

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